Honest About Travel

My Story

Sam Davies

Born in London

Zoologist & Herpetologist

South East Asia Travel Expert

I have always had a fascination with wildlife and travelling having graduated from university with a BSc Honours in Zoology with Herpetology. Since a young age I having been working with exotic animals and after graduation I left home to travel the world, beginning in India, working my way through Asia until I reached Australia. I Landed on the Gold Coast and after a few months decided to move up to Port Douglas in Far North Queensland. Shortly after arriving in Port Douglas, I was offered a business opportunity and bought into a new Japanese restaurant. After a short while I took over the restaurant and became the sole owner. During my spare time in Australia I worked as a local snake catcher, removing deadly snakes from people’s properties and releasing them back into the wild and out of harms way. After a couple of years, due to the feeling of being tied down, I decided to sell the restaurant. I went into sales in Cairns and excelled, however after a year I decided to part ways with Australia and headed back to the UK.

After returning I worked in several hospitality and sales roles but struggles to settle. One evening I was sitting there thinking about what I missed most and what really made me happy. I realised that traveling, being close to nature and meeting new people were my all-time favourite things to do…….no shock there really! I began calling my friends from all over the world to see if they would be interested in building a travel community and received huge enthusiasm and support. That monthI left to travel through Asia, with the sole intention of creating the ultimate travel routes and tours.These itineraries were a huge success and after returning I began to share my travel knowledge with others.

Despite working full time I travel to a new destination every month and share my experiences, so other travel enthusiasts can have the same great experiences. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.